You will learn to become a confident, competent babysitter whose professionalism, business skills and knowledge will set you apart from your peers through Cool Sitter’s online module based training program.

Parents want to hire a babysitter who has been certified as a Cool Sitter. Cool Sitters has been developed to provide you with the training necessary to provide peace of mind when parents are away from home.

Upon completion of all training modules and the passing of a quiz, you, the Cool Sitter, will be provided access to marketing tools necessary to build your babysitting business. These tools include: business cards, promotional flyers and advertising tear sheets.

Cool Sitters training includes the following modules:

  1. Getting Started – How to Be a Cool Sitter
  2. Understanding Child Development
  3. Family Dynamics
  4. What To Expect From Parents
  5. What Parents Will Expect From You
  6. Babysitter Rules and No No’s
  7. First Aid Tips
  8. Hazard Awareness
  9. Outdoor Activities
  10. Goody Bag
  11. Getting That First Job
  12. Promoting Your Business
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