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Cool Sitters is an online babysitter training course that is divided into 12 lessons.  The lesson descriptions are detailed below.

Lesson 1: Getting Started – How to Be a Cool Sitter

You’ve taken the first step to becoming a responsible and totally employable babysitter. Being recognized as a Cool Sitter will make you highly desirable to prospective parents who need and want your services. “Why should that matter?” you ask. Of all the hundreds of kids out there who want to be babysitters, how many have invested in specialized training just for the privilege of changing diapers and taking care of children who need “lots” of attention? At Cool Sitters, we know there is a great deal more to babysitting than that.

The training offered by CoolSitters.com will set you apart from your competition. You will gain the knowledge and understanding of the ages and stages of development of the children you will be caring for. You will learn about the responsibilities and expectations of a Cool Sitter. You will receive valuable tips and information as well as helpful tools you can use.


Lesson 2: Understanding Child Development

You might wonder why understanding child development is of importance to a Cool Sitter. Taking care of children might seem as simple as feeding them when they are hungry, changing a diaper when needed, watching them play, or letting them view their favorite video.

A Cool Sitter must be knowledgeable about her job. This is a key component to gaining and maintaining an outstanding reputation as a skilled babysitter. Understanding child development will help you to understand how to interact with children at different ages and stages of development. It helps you to know what to expect and how to meet the child’s needs appropriately.

In this module, you will learn about some of the developmental characteristics of children in the following age groups:

  • 6-month-olds
  • 18-month-olds
  • 3-year-olds
  • 5-year-olds
  • 7-year-olds

Each age group has different emotional, physical and social needs.


Lesson 3: Family Dynamics

As a Cool Sitter, you will meet many types of families. It will be important for you to understand the family dynamics in a home before going to take care of children. Family dynamics simply refer to relationships between family members. Each member of the family brings their own personality, wants and needs to the table. But the family unit has many shared characteristics, wants and needs as well. If you arm yourself with a bit of understanding in this area, you will be better able to treat each family situation with sensitivity and respect.


Lesson 4: What to Expect from Parents

A Cool Sitter is always prepared to get important information from parents before they leave. Cool Sitters provides a Cool Sitters Information Sheet for you. Contact information is vital in the case of any emergency situation you might find yourself in. You need to have exact information about your location in case you have to make an emergency call for help. And you need all contact information necessary to reach the parents or other designated family or friends in the event of an emergency. Check to make sure you can read and understand everything that has been written down. Place the form in a location you can access quickly if needed.


Lesson 5: What Parents Will Expect from You

It doesn’t matter what kind of job you have - a pet walker, a tutor, a cashier, delivering newspapers, or a babysitter – there is one character trait employers expect you to maintain at all times: professionalism. As a babysitter, the parents are your employer. They expect you to look and behave in a professional manner. As a Cool Sitter, you need to understand what that means. A Cool Sitter must demonstrate professional qualities as well as showing a genuine interest in the children she will be caring for.


Lesson 6: Babysitter Rules and NO NO’s

Rules, rules everywhere! You can’t escape them at school, home or out in public. Without them, there would be chaos. Rules are also very important when babysitting. When rules and boundaries are reasonable and appropriate, clearly explained and understood, and practiced with consistency, children will feel safe and secure. As a Cool Sitter, you will be responsible for learning the family rules that the parents expect you to enforce as well as how you are to handle any discipline situations that might arise. When it comes to disciplining children, there are also rules that you, the Cool Sitter, must follow. You must be very careful to abide by the rules and discipline guidelines established by the parents.


Lesson 7: First Aid Tips

A Cool Sitter should always be prepared for the unexpected. This includes being familiar with some basic first aid skills. This module is not intended as a replacement for classes in which you are trained and certified in CPR and First Aid. These are tips which will help you to act quickly if the children in your care become hurt or injured. REMEMBER: ALWAYS CALL 911 FOR SERIOUS OR LIFE-THREATENING INJURIES.


Lesson 8: Hazard Awareness

A Cool Sitter should always be observant of her surroundings. She should be aware of circumstances or objects that are able or likely to cause harm or injury to the children in her care. There can be an element of danger to many activities that children do every day as well as the toys they play with. It is very important for you to be aware of potential hazards.

Young children play and explore their world using all of their senses, especially touch and taste. Their curious, and sometimes fearless, nature can lead them to make choices that could result in a serious injury.

As you become familiar with this list of potential hazards, it will make it easier for you to assess your surroundings and make decisions that can protect children from dangerous situations.


Lesson 9: Outdoor Activities

A Cool Sitter will not be satisfied to sit inside and play with children when it is a beautiful day outside! As long as the parents have given permission for you to take their children outside, you should take advantage of the opportunity and enthusiastically lead the children outdoors for some FUN! There are so many things to enjoy in the great outdoors that the list is almost endless. But, remember, a Cool Sitter always puts appropriate activities and safety first.


Lesson 10: Goody Bag

When a Cool Sitter arrives at the home where she will be babysitting, she can expect to find toys and activities that belong to the children. These will work fine to provide fun and entertainment…most of the time. But, what will you do when the children you are caring for tell you, “I’m bored,” or “I’m tired of playing with this.” A Cool Sitter should always show up with a Cool Sitters Goody Bag for this very reason. Your Cool Sitters Goody Bag will also show that you are genuinely interested in having a fun time by providing some new, interesting and unexpected activities. Imagine how excited the children will be about the “surprises” hidden in your bag. When you return for future babysitting jobs, the children will greet you with excited anticipation about “what you brought this time.”


Lesson 11: Getting That First Job

As an organization, Cool Sitters encourages you to treat babysitting as a business. This module will focus on helping you get your Cool Sitter business started. Then, watch your business grow!

The first order of business is to develop a simple, straight forward resume. A resume is a valuable tool, even for babysitting. It is professional and it teaches you an amazing life skill that you will use and build on throughout your life. A resume is a summary of the background and skills you want a potential employer to know about you. It lets an employer know what kind of job you are applying for and the experiences you have had that make you the most qualified person for the job.


Lesson 12: Promoting Your Business

There are three Cool Sitters Tools you will use to actively promote your business – The Cool Sitters business card template, a Cool Sitter’s promotional flyer and a Cool Sitter’s tear sheet for prospects to capture your information.  These tools are located as templates for you to personalize under the “Business Tools” section of Cool Sitters.

  • A Business Card template is provided to all Cool Sitters who have signed up for the course.
  • Promotional Flyers are also a great source for getting the word out about your Cool Sitters business.
  • The Cool Sitters Tear Sheet operates much like the flyer, with the exception that your contact information is provided as a “take home” note, for the inquirer to reach out to you.
  • Cool Sitters provides a Resume Example for you to use to craft your initial resume.
  • The Cool Sitters' Information Sheet is a list of Critical Information for each babysitting engagement used for emergency purposes.
  • The Employer Bill of Rights is provided to share with the prospective family what they can expect from the Cool Sitter.
  • The Family Dynamics Questionnaire is a tool to guide the sitter through a conversation with prospective employers to get to know the family better.
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