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While BABYSITTING is a great way to earn DOLLARS, you can also earn DOLLARS by getting your friends to sign up and complete the Cool Sitters training.

Earn $5 for every friend who signs up and pays for the Cool Sitters training.

Plus, when friends sign-up and pay using your site URL, they receive a $5 discount.



Here's how it works:

  • Click Here to become a Cool Sitter Captain – Once you sign-up you will receive an email with your own url (website).
  • You receive $5 for each friend that signs-up using your website url and completes the course.
  • Market your website:
    • Put together a list of your friends that you want to invite
    • Get their email or mobile phone number
    • Ask them if they are interested
    • Copy and Paste your url from your phone or computer
    • Email or text those friends who are interested


Social Media – what a powerful tool. If you have friends following you on any of the social media platforms, simply copy and paste your url on your site.

Payments are made monthly based on the number of people who signed-up and paid for the Cool Sitters training.



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