Business Cards

A tool to expand your network of contacts.  Click Here to view an example.


Designed to promote your babysitting service -- hand out, leave behind or post to bulletin boards. Click Here to view an example.

Tear Sheets

Flyers with tear off contact information used to promote your babysitting service.  Click Here to view an example.

Make Big $$'s Babysitting

BABYSITTING consistently ranks in the top five of jobs held by teens and allows you to make BIG DOLLARS, while setting your own hours. On average, a babysitter makes between $10 and $15 per hour. During the summer, you could work 20 hours a week and bring home over $200 each week. That’s $200 to spend on fun or save for the future. Additionally, you could earn money throughout the years by babysitting on weekends and during special occasions. Not only do you make good money, but most of your time is spent indoors having fun and teaching. Being a certified Cool Sitter enhances your chances of earning more money.
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Own Your Own Biz

We Show You How



You will learn to become a confident, competent babysitter whose professionalism, business skills and knowledge will set you apart from your ...

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Program benefits include:

Parents Peace of Mind
Parents prefer sitters who have been trained

Job Opportunities
Build your business and get paid to sign-up others

Stay Current
Unlimited review of course information and website updates

Get Parents to Pay

Click here to forward to your parents to get you signed up!

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Tools To Grow Your Business

These are great tools to use to grow your babysitting business. Business Cards – A tool to expand your network of contacts Flyers – For advertising and promoting your babysitting... Read More

Understanding Parents Expectations

Regardless of your job, and especially as a babysitter, employers and parents expect you to be professional. As a babysitter, the parents are your employer. They expect you to look and behave a... Read More
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